Flying to the new heights of customer delight

Social media has revolutionized consumerism to the extent that it takes just few seconds to tarnish a brand. Our client a leading airline carrier, operating in multiple countries was caught in this slump as customers charged them with flight delays and poor customer service causing major decline in customer base. Here’s how Zensar’s digital consultants came to the rescue and to set the airline for a glorious take-off.

Despite multiple efforts to streamline the operations, inefficient processes and resource management led to the delays in flight take offs. Complex processes like weight and balance were error prone requiring multiple adjustments. As a result, extra resources were regularly deployed to assist pilots and crew leading to resource crunch and cost shoot up. Pre-requisites for take-off like flight plans and manuals were paper based and delayed due to delays of prior processes. All-in-all, entire operational workflow was muddled putting extra pressure on airlines to sustain its position in the market.

Digital Take Off

Bringing discipline in the messed-up operations of airlines will not only improve customer satisfaction but also boost employee experience. Zensar’s vision of ‘Living digital’ was successfully translated into the mobility roadmap that we designed for our client keeping in mind the customer centric value proposition. Paperless transactions, manual to mobile and optimization and automation of processes were the critical considerations in our solution. Processes like weight & balance, flight plans, fuel analytics, safety checks, etc. were automated, mobilized and optimized as to reduce the time taken to complete them. Employees now could easily coordinate and resolve the issues that cropped up and receive accolades from the customers.