Mighty Sales Force delivers revolutionary business value

The client is California based company specializing in manufacturing of DNA microarrays which was experiencing decline in the upsell and cross sell productivity. there were facing severe issues related to tracking and collaboration within sales function. This led to sales lead leakages and lower conversion rates. Additionally, there was lack of macro view and structure of sales force which was draining out huge amount of money on sales initiatives.

A thorough root-cause analysis of the current processes, tools and channels unveiled a lack of standard operating procedure which was the major cause of performance variation and high cost in the function. Due to existing complex processes and decentralized systems it was hard for the management to find reliable sources. Inefficient and underutilized CRM led to lack of data driven meaningful insights for the teams to make insightful sales decisions. We helped the customer to define a roadmap for unified business processes which would thrust sales figures upwards. We measured the lead conversion ratio for different CRM environments working with the sales and territory managers. Our team designed and constructed new SOPs and enhanced workflow architecture to deliver improved unified user experience. A centralized and global reporting process was designed to make sales decision unified. We helped optimize the architecture of the CRM systems without incurring roof-breaking costs.

Business Impact