Weaving powerful synergies of two corporate cultures in to One

The client is a leading provider of advanced location-based solutions including GPS, laser, optical and internal navigation systems. Over the course of time, the client expanded its customer and product base with number of acquisitions. It then attempted to integrate its positioning expertise in GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions. Post the merger, the client was not able to capture value and capitalize on potent synergies and struggled to merge the two distinct corporate cultures. Management lacked a clear view of the underlying operations and financials which handicapped their decision-making abilities. Customer dissatisfaction, operational inefficiency and post-merger resilience from the employees towards seamless cultural adaption was a grave issue at hand. There was a clear lack of detailed integration and communication plan to maximize value from the merger.

Navigating your way through uncertainties

We categorized our analysis into the broader heads of human capital, business processes and technology enablers. We captured the synergies in different areas including business operations, cultures and processes to identify major gaps and find effective ways to abridge them so that the combined entity delivered the desired output. We also unveiled erroneous reporting due to data and process duplication in the merged entity.

We started by planning the course of action to achieve Target Operating model. Roles and responsibilities at different levels were defined for the merged entity which helped address the impending employee dissatisfaction due to their role change to a certain extent. A clear communication strategy was devised to help employees feel engaged and included in the decision making. Senior leadership were given guidance to help ingrain the new corporate culture in the organization.

Combinational synergies were captured by defining the capability roadmap for different functions and processes which helped leverage the existing capability and best utilize the available systems in use. To help reduce lead time and make effective utilization of the human capital, process consolidation and automation roadmap was rolled out in collaboration with the operations team and senior managers. We identified transformational synergies and recommended areas where process automation can be leveraged to help reduce the lead time and utilize the human capital effectively. Analytics and smart reporting opportunities were recommended to enable faster and insightful decision making. This is how we harvested the best of two worlds into one.

Business Impact