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While preparing for a launch of Surface, our client-Microsoft, a global and established technology company, looked forward to a strong messaging for a heroic launch and making the presence felt across all the channels. From the past experiences, they feared there would be a proclivity to dismiss its new product as a premium device at the point of purchase. Changing this perception in the consumers' mind when they interacted with the brand across channels required us to put the customer at the centre-stage and create digitally immersive experiences across all channels of promotion. A robust omnichannel retail strategy as a launchpad for the brand encompassed content, delivery and experience.

A premium look. A powerful feel

We helped Microsoft in building their omni-channel worldwide retail campaigns, supported across stores both large and small. We partnered to tell the story of Surface through a series of engaging campaigns that launched the client's products globally-online and in-stores. Award winning Surface video series grabbed all the attention to dispose the customer perceptions. We developed the core campaigns and visual language that would change perception of people and drive their purchases. Visual merchandising helped increase conversion rates particularly invoking the impulse purchases by keeping the customers hooked and engaged. Full digital campaign assets packaged for use attracted customers on all channels. Worldwide training program including training series, events and in store help to train 100k+ retail professionals was a step to create brand evangelists. Our campaigns helped drive authenticity through message, tone, and visuals and received accolades on various platforms. We successfully helped Surface to establish its brand identity that will stand tall for years to come.

Business Impact